Mental Health

The Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development has taken a leadership role in addressing the mental health needs of children, youth and their families at the policy, training/consultation, and research levels. Through a variety of programs and projects the GUCCHD has provided the vision, leadership, and knowledge to increase the capacity of systems and programs all across the nation.

Policy Level

GUCCHD is the home of the National Technical Assistance Center for Children's Mental Health (NTAC). The National Technical Assistance Center works with states, tribes, communities at the policy level and offers a range of opportunities, publications, and resources to assist them in adopting new policies. NTAC provides the leadership, knowledge base, training and technical assistance to the field to build comprehensive community service delivery systems for children with mental health and/or substance abuse needs, and their families.

Training and Technical Assistance

Technical assistance and training opportunities are offered through the National Technical Assistance Center either through our on-going work or through cost sharing with states, tribes, territories, and communities. Some examples of the training and technical assistance include:

  • The National Training Institutes—A premier national conference featuring practical information on best practices across the nation in building comprehensive community service delivery systems.
  • Systems Change—Individual, ongoing support for states, tribes, and territories to assist them in system change activities to improve mental health systems and services for children and families.
  • National Policy Academies—Opportunities, for high-level cross agency delegations to work intensively on designing and implementing policies and practices that support their visions for systems change.
  • Primer Hands On: Systems of Care Training for Leaders—Interactive training, offered in both English and Spanish, to teach the building of effective systems of care.


Research and Evaluation are integral components of GUCCHD. The core activities of the center are grounded in a solid research base and are continually informed, improve, and sustained by ongoing evaluation. Our efforts focus on training and technical assistance and program development research and evaluation.

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