Clinical and Community Services

Services for Children and Families

The Center for Child and Human Development serves children with complex developmental, behavioral, and learning needs. A variety of services are designed to address the questions of families, referring physicians, and other professionals. With a commitment to culturally competent services, professionals from a variety of disciplines work together in interdisciplinary teams to meet the needs of families.

  • Developmental Pediatrics
  • Genetics
  • Neurology
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Speech/Language

Interdisciplinary Services

A variety of interdisciplinary services are available at the Center. These services include: the Autism and Communications Disorders Clinic, the Developmental Evaluation Clinic, the Developmental Screening Clinic, the Hoya Clinic, and Developmental Pediatric Evaluations and Genetic Counseling. For further information or for appointments and scheduling, contact the numbers listed below.

  • The Autism and Communications Disorders Clinic provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary diagnostic evaluation of infants and young children suspected of having Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or a serious communication disorder. The clinic conducts evaluations addressing children's communication, social interaction, sensory motor and cognitive strengths and needs. Call 202-944-5400 to schedule an appointment. More Information
  • The Developmental Evaluation Clinic provides an interdisciplinary evaluation of babies up to two years of age who were born prematurly. Children receive an interdisciplinary evaluation. Areas addressed include cognitive, motor and neurodevelopmental functioning. More Information
  • Developmental Screening Clinic is an outpatient service offered through the Children and Youth Ambulatory Service/Department of Pediatrics to provide medical/developmental services in the context of well-child care and to insure early identification of children who have or who are at risk of having developmental delays. The developmental services are typically offered as developmental consultations. More information
  • The Hoya Clinic provides individual and family therapy for children from birth to adolescence. Neuropsychological, social-emotional and learning disability evaluations are also offered through the Hoya Clinic. Call (202) 687-7447 to schedule an appointment. More information
  • The Developmental Pediatric Evaluations and Genetic Counseling are provided by the Center's developmental pediatricians and geneticists.

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