Cultural Competence and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Other Infant Death: A Review of the Literature From 1990 to 2000

Braithwaite-Fisher and Bronheim, 2001

This monograph presents the findings from a review of the literature concerned with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other Infant Deaths (SIDS/ID) to ascertain the degree to which issues of cultural competence are addressed. The purpose of the literature review was to 1) determine the current findings on cultural competence and SIDS/ID; 2) identify gaps in the literature; 3) identify problems in existing research methodology; 4) identify promising approaches to SIDS/ID research that incorporate culturally competent values, principles and practices; and 5) recommend future directions for SIDS/ID literature and research that will systematically incorporate methodology and salient issues related to cultural competence.   An Executive Summary of this monograph is also available.

Download: SIDS_LiteratureReview.pdf