Infusing Cultural and Linguistic Competence into Health Promotion Training

Produced by Close-Up Productions, Washington, D.C.,
and conceptualized by Suzanne Bronheim and Tawara Goode, NCCC

This DVD is designed to help experienced health promotion trainers assure that their approaches with diverse populations address culture and language in an effective, appropriate and respectful manner. The DVD addresses: (1) rationale for cultural and linguistic competence, (2) frameworks for achieving cultural and linguistic competence, (3) values, principles and practices of culturally and linguistically competent health promotion training, (4) how the Health Belief Model (Rosenstock, Strecher and Becker, 1994) can be used to infuse cultural and linguistic competence into training, (5) principles and models for community engagement and (6) issues in the content and logistics of trainings.

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