Our Work

The Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) Technical Assistance Center works to build strong foundations for all children's health, learning, behavior, and relationships during their most critical period of development. The Center’s mission is to support SAMHSA-funded grantees in their work to address the mental health needs of young children and families, build the infant and early childhood mental health workforce, and improve systems and policies that promote the wellbeing of young children, families, and caregivers. The Center will achieve its goal through individualized support to grantees; building community and a shared vision; providing opportunities for grantees to learn from one another; and sharing grantees' innovative work with the public. The Center is funded by SAMHSA and led by the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development in partnership with ZERO TO THREE.

What is Technical Assistance?

Technical assistance, also known as “TA” and commonly referred to as consulting, is the process of providing customized support to an organization or community with a development need or problem. It is an effective method for building the capacity of an organization or community.

*Adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Who We Serve

SAMHSA funded IECMH, Project LAUNCH, and Project I-LAUNCH grantees

What Does the IECMH TA Center Do to Support Grantees?

  • Communities of Practice
  • Grantee Networking Opportunities
  • Individual Technical Assistance
  • Online Community Support and Resource Sharing
  • Peer-to-Peer Sharing and Connections
  • Professional Development
  • Resource Development
  • Showcasing Grantee Innovations for the IECMH Field
  • Trainings


The project described was supported by Grant Number 1H79SM082070-01 from SAMHSA.
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