Building Equitable and Inclusive Societies Interview Series

Each week our director, Phyllis Magrab, will interview a member or our faculty and staff to discuss their programs and work throughout the Georgetown Center for Child and Human Development.

Episode 13: Tawara Goode

Episode 12: Annie Davis

Episode 11: Wendy Jones

Episode 10: Anjalee Kohli

Episode 9: Amy Hunter

Episode 8: Joan Lombardi

Episode 7: Natacha Stevanovic-Fenn

Episode 6: Toby Long

Episode 5: Rachel Brady

Episode 4: Noel Bravo

Episode 3: Jennifer Woolard and Rachel Barr

Episode 2: Dr. Neal Horen

Episode 1: Dr. Deborah Perry



Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development is a designated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.