Our Faculty

Phyllis R. Magrab Phyllis R. Magrab, Ph.D.
Rachel Brady Rachel Brady, DPT
Noel Bravo Noel Bravo
Dominique Charlot-Swilley Dominique Charlot-Swilley Ph.D. READ MORE
Sarah Davidon Sarah Davidon, PhD
Jennifer Drake-Croft Jennifer Drake-Croft, MSSW, IECMH-E READ MORE
Tawara D. Goode Tawara D. Goode, MA
Sharonlyn Harrison Sharonlyn Harrison, Ph.D.

Neal M. Horen Neal M. Horen, Ph.D. READ MORE
Amy Hunter Amy Hunter, LICSW READ MORE
Toby M. Long Toby M. Long, Ph.D. READ MORE
Kelli McDermott Kelli McDermott READ MORE
Amittia Parker Amittia Parker, PhD, LMSW, MPA READ MORE
Deborah F. Perry Deborah F. Perry, Ph.D.

Lauren Rabinovitz Lauren Rabinovitz, MPH, MSW, LCSW-C READ MORE
J. Michael Rovaris J. Michael Rovaris READ MORE
Julia Sayles Julia Sayles READ MORE
Robin Shaffert, J.D. Robin Shaffert, J.D. READ MORE
Pamala Trivedi Pamala Trivedi, PhD, NCSP READ MORE
Maria Vazquez Betancourt Maria Vazquez Betancourt READ MORE

Wendy Whitty Wendy Whitty, MEd, MSW READ MORE
Dawn Yazzie Dawn A. Yazzie

Senior Scholars and Affiliated Faculty

Rachel Barr Rachel Barr, Ph.D. Senior Scholar READ MORE
Matthew Biel Matthew Biel, MD Senior Scholar READ MORE
Jeff Bostic, MD Jeff Bostic, MD EDD Senior Scholar READ MORE
Celene Domitrovich Celene Domitrovich, Ph.D. Senior Scholar READ MORE
Vicki Girard Vicki Girard, J.D. Senior Scholar READ MORE
Joan Lombardi Joan Lombardi, Ph.D. Senior Scholar READ MORE
Ken Tercyak Ken Tercyak, Ph.D. Senior Scholar READ MORE
Jennifer Woolard Jennifer Woolard, Ph.D. Senior Scholar READ MORE
Emily Aron, MD Emily Aron, MD Affiliated Faculty READ MORE
Yael Cannon Yael Cannon, J.D. Affiliated Faculty READ MORE
Megan McCormick, PhD Megan McCormick, Ph.D. Affiliated Faculty READ MORE
Hillary Robertson Hillary Robertson, MPH, CHES Affiliated Faculty READ MORE

Adjunct Faculty

Suzanne Bronheim Suzanne Bronheim, Ph.D. Adjunct

Marisa Brown Marisa C. Brown MSN, RN Adjunct
Kim Bullock Kim Bullock, MD, FAAFP Adjunct
Annie Davis Annie Davis Schoch, PhD Adjunct

Susan Igras Susan Igras, MPH Adjunct
Vivian Hopkins Jackson Vivian H. Jackson, Ph.D., LICSW Adjunct
Diane M. Jacobstein Diane M. Jacobstein, Ph.D. Adjunct
Kadija Johnston Kadija Johnston, LCSW Adjunct

Ellen B. Kagen Ellen B. Kagen, MSW Adjunct
Sarah Klaus Sarah Klaus, EdD Adjunct
Anjalee Kohli Anjalee Kohli, MPH, PhD Adjunct
Natacha Stevanovic-Fenn, PhD Natacha Stevanovic-Fenn, PhD Adjunct

Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development is a designated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.